Thursday, August 22, 2013

So here we go again!

It's been an interesting few weeks.
 Microsoft has locked me out of my blogger dashboard
and blamed it on Google.
Google says it's a Microsoft problem.
I hired tech support and after 13 days 
they refunded my money because they couldn't fix it.
I tried reaching out on Google help forums 
only to be told it's a Microsoft issue.
I called Microsoft and they basically hung up on me.

My only alternative is to start a new blog.
I know it looks the same
but you'll notice the address is different
and all my followers are gone.

So here we go again!
Time to start over :)

To top everything off
I've got a lovely cold/flu thing happening this week as well.
And you know what makes everything better?

I seriously have the best friends!
Look what my buddy Regena sent me in the mail :)
That gun on his shoulder is a whistle!
(yes.....I've been blowing it in the house
and NO my grandchildren can not play with it)

And look what else!
A felt Gru patch for my overalls!!!
(I've had a crazy love affair with overalls since high school
and I wear them all the time)
My son has recently showed me the "Minion Rush" game
for my iPhone and I'm hopelessly addicted.
And I don't even like to play games.
But this little minion holding a banana
 just reminds me of the game :)

I also received my order of lovely thread
I don't know if you've ever shopped there, 
but their fabric is such good quality and very inexpensive
and the thread is gorgeous!
You get 1200 yards of thread on each roll
for about 1/2 of what you would pay for Gutterman 547 yards.
You get free shipping on orders over $50.00 too!

Last but not least,
I added 3 new Limited Edition bags to my shop today.
I've been busy working on custom orders lately
so I haven't had too many new items for the shop.
I'm hoping next week to have some new things to share :)



Welcome Back! You've been missed! Can't wait for more Karen Blog awesomeness!

Sandra :)

Karen I'm so sorry about your blog/Microsoft/Google problem - it's crappy when blame keeps getting passed from side to side, and nobody will step up to the plate and actually fix the problem. Google locked me out of my blog one time years ago without telling me why - I freaked out. They reinstated me without a word of explanation - I never did find out what went on. Computers - can't live with 'em - but definitely - can't live without 'em! I'm glad you found a new home, and that you've gotten back up and running :)

My neighbour mentions minions (Minions, rather) once in a while - I guess her kids have seen whatever movie they're from, and she's quite fond of them. I'm fond of minions (small m) and have called our sons that on more than one occasion, HAHA. There's a minion stuffy around Pinterestland - I'm pretty sure I pinned so I could make some for the same neighbour for Christmas, lol.

I love connectingthreads - their thread is a fantastic bargain (despite the recentish increase) :) I buy the 3000 yard spools in white and kiwi, and stock up on multiples of 1200 yarders in my favourite colours when they go on sale. Who wouldn't love mulitples of lime green, royal blue, hot pink and calypso blue, just to name a few? Pure eye candy! And their shipping rates to Canada are reasonable, unlike a lot of online stores!


welcome back! I missed seeing all your posts and how fun that I got a mention in post number oneth!
I can't believe the box got there, I mailed it Tuesday at, like, 4:00pm
long live minions!


I am back to being a follower with bloglovin' can't wait to see what you have cooked up for the hexie hop.
You do have word verification up.


Sorry you've had such troubles with your blog. I know how frustrating it can be, esp. trying to open dialogue with Microsoft or Google. Your new blog looks great and it won't be long before everything falls back into place.


How awful! Well, I am a brand new follower through blog lovin. Nice to meet you!


Nice to see you up and running...sorry you had so much trouble with the it's-the-other-guy's-fault mess!


So sorry about your blog troubles, but soooo glad you were able to make a new one. Gotta have my "Karen" fix. :) Love the new bags! Connecting Threads is one of my favorite places to shop. I LOVE their thread, too. :) Have a great weekend!

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