Sunday, August 25, 2013

Be A Hexie Queen Blog Hop & Giveaway!

Welcome everyone to day 5 
of the "Be A Hexie Queen" Blog Hop!!!
Thank you Madam Samm and our Cheerleader Debby :)

Today is my turn to show you what I've come up with.

Since the theme stated
"Anything and Everything"
I wasn't bound to a sewing project.

I decided instead, to bust out my jewelry making supplies!

A few months back I watched a online video 
for a product called Phoomph for fabric.
It's made by Coats & Clark
and it comes in either stiff or soft.
I couldn't wait to use it!
To see more about it click HERE.

I bought mine at Joann's online.
I used the stiff Phoomph and some of my favorite
fabric scraps to make a bracelet and earrings.
As you can see I made more than enough earrings....

So what should I do with all those earrings?
How about I give them to you?
There will be 5 winners chosen at random!
So how do you enter the giveaway?
Just leave me a comment 
and tell me which pair of earrings is your favorite 
and where you are from :)

You have until Friday Aug 30th to enter.
I will announce the winners here on Saturday the 31st.
This giveaway is open to everyone.
Good luck!

(Just in case anyone is interested 
in making their own Hexie jewelry,
I will be posting a tutorial here tomorrow)

And don't forget to check out the awesome 
creative talents of the other amazing bloggers
showing off their Hexies today!


Judy B

Clever use of hexies! I am into orange, but every color is my favorite. Thank you for sharing.


Karen, those are fan-flipping-tactic!
And I'm glad your'e able to keep.blogging! I dealt with something similar. Not fun!


Oh and I love the red and turquoise... and I'm in Abbotsford, BC, Canada!


Your jewelry is so cute!! Love the one with the blue and white check, I am from Oswego, Illinois. What is fun idea for jewelry.


Oh my, those are absolutely adorable. Love them all. I will have to check out that product. They are so cool!

Heleen Groot

Your earrings look adorable! Now, I don't have pierced ears, so you don't have to put me in the draw. I just wanted to say that they look lovely!


Coming to you from Chattanooga, TN. What a great idea...I really enjoyed your post and really like all of the earrings especially the teal and red ones, orange one oh I like them all..


What a fun idea! I love your earrings, and would be happy to get the first ones. If I don't win, I certainly will come back tomorrow for a tutorial. It's my day tomorrow in this bloghop, and you're welcome to visit. By the way, I'm from Norway.


What a fabulous idea!
I'm in the UK but I don't have pierced ears so don't count me in your lovely giveaway!


woww, these are so lovely. I would never ever have thought of using hexies like that.
I'm already looking forward to the tutorial :-).
But it's hard to pick a favorite pair. OK, when you twist my arm I'ld say the orange pair LOL. I'm a follower now (bloglovin), too bad you lost your followers but I'm sure they'll be back soon. I'm from the Netherlands.
Dutch greetings


I love your bracelet and the ear rings. A wonderful way to use the hexies. As all the hexie ear rings are so cute , it is up to you to choose, if I will be so lucky to win a pair. By the way I am from Sweden.
Thanks for sharing your creativity and being part of this blog hop

Pauline G

Love your earrings !!! Thanks for the chance to win some - they are all lovely. I'm in the uk. Will be back tomorrow for you tutorial


I love all of those cuties. I can't wait to see the tutorial. I would wear any of them. All such pretty colors.


Those are too cute Karn. My favorite are the orange ones.

Bente-I like to QuiltBlog

Funnyidea, very unique and clever.
Thanks for sharing!


I love them!!! Red and Blue ones are precious. Thanks


Cute idea! blessings, marlene


How cute and clever! I had a hard time deciding but I think I like the orange ones best. I'm from Illinois. Thanks for sharing!

Madame Samm

here you are new as can be with a new idea and I love

Elizabeth Coughlin

What a cute and clever idea!

Heidi [Grizz-n-Dove]

How fun!!! My favorite pair is the orange set!

Kathy @ Kwilty Pleasures

Now here are some hexies I love. Very creative and would be sew fun to have! Thanks!

Michele T

Well I'll be.... your jewellry pieces are very sweet!!


What an awesome idea !


Simply adorable!!

Charlene S

I really like the orange dots and checks. I am from South Louisiana - Cajun country.

Monique Belmer

Love the yellow with cherries and the red polka dot. I am from Southern New Hampshire. An hour from the mountains, an hour from the beach and 45 minutes from Boston. It's a good place to live!

Agnes B. Bullock

You want me to choose? That is so unfair- I want them all! OK, I will play by the rules- I adore the aqua and red pair!

Am looking forward to your tutorial- !


I like the orange ones. I am from Arkansas. Very creative ideas. Thanks for sharing

Denise Russell

Woman, that was soooo creative! Wear your Hexie Queen Crown today!

feltfree på Åsly

I really like the hexies.


How adorable! My favorite? Maybe the orange? or the red with white polka dots with yellow? They are all pretty!
I am from Texas.


How cute! I am thinking I am liking the first poka dot ones the best. That is the cuttest idea! Oh I am from Arkansas. Thanks


What a neat project and I'm going to have to check out that Phoomph....what a fun name! They are all so cute but I probably like the orange ones the best, I'm in Iowa!


Thanks so much for sharing. Love the earrings, especially the dark blue flowered one......


What a great way to use those tiny little hexies...cute earrings!

Kathy H

Very cute jewelry. My favorite is the orange polka dots. I am from Pennsylvania and am looking forward to seeing how you make them. They look very light weight for earring which is something I love.


Oh Oh how pretty, the 4th pair is my favorite (the orange ones)... I'm from Abbeville, Alabama

Joyce Carter

What a neat idea, Karen. I hadn't thought of doing this and I love to make jewelry. I love the orange ones and I am from N.E. Georgia. Thanks for the giveaway.

patchouli moon studio

Those are darling earring hexies!

patchouli moon studio

Those are darling earring hexies!


That is beautiful!! I love how you put the buttons on. And those earrings, what a great idea, how creative you are. I love earrings, you can never get enough. And Hexies....who would have thought!!

Kwilt Krazy

Very pretty! I like the gingham blue pair :)


What a great idea to use up tiny fabric scraps! Love the turquoise and red, but I could go crazy with this-I have tons of batik fabric scraps that are waiting for something like this! Great thing about this is they look to be reversible, so you make one pair of earring and you really have 2! Is that product only available on-line? I'd love to win a pair to have as a sample! Thanks for sharing.


What a unique and lovely way to use hexies! Your hexie jewelry is fabulous. Thanks for sharing these beautiful and inspiring ideas with us.


So very creative! I never would have thought of this. Your hexie jewelry is darling. I do not have pierced ears, but someone I love does. So were I lucky enough to win, these would be a gift. Since I is almost autumn in New England where I live, I will say the orange ones. Orange is the color of fall. Thanks for sharing your creativity! ... :) Pat

MooseStash Quilting

What a cute idea. Who'd a guessed! :-)

Teresa in Music City

So sorry you have been having trouble with your blog! That's horrible!!! Glad you were able to participate in the hop after all, though. I would have hated to miss seeing your cute jewelry! If I were lucky enough to win, I'd definitely pick the aqua/red pair - anyone call tell you they're my colors for sure!!! I'll be back for your tutorial tomorrow :*)


What a great idea!!!
Love the orange pair:)
I am from the great state of Texas:)


Hiya Karen!!! I make jewelry too---even have an etsy shop for it. Hadn't thought about using fabric too much, but the hexies are just adorable. I especially like the reds and yellows. Thanks for sharing and for having the giveaway. Blessed be, hugs!!! Pam

pamspretties57 at gmail dot com

Rose Marie Andreozzi

How original to think of making jewelry. The orange ones are my favs, but they are all sweet...thanks for doing the hop!


Hexie earrings, how sweet. I like the 3rd and 4th pairs from the top.

Linda J

I hope your blog problems are behind you now! Just hearing about that made me go back mine up, just in case.

Lovely lovely---I appreciate when it can be anything and everything as the creativity comes out and we all see new ways to use the themes. Who would have thought to make hexie jewelry? You did obviously. And you are going to give some away? Oh boy---I pick the first one should I be lucky enough to win with the aqua and red. THX for the opportunity. THX too for sharing your time and talents with us.


How adorable your hexie jewelry is! You are so crafty my Chica friend!

tink's mom

Well this is just a terrific idea. Looking forward to the tutorial. Personally I like the first pair, the ones with dots on both sides, I'm from NJ, USA The possiblilities are endless.


LOVE them all :-)! You are 'sew' creative Obi Wan!

I am from Anaheim, CA and I like the orange ones!


What a cute idea. Looking forward to the tutorial. I am from Grand Rapids, MI and I like the red polka dot earrings. I like the bracelet too! LOL

senstrings (@) yahoo (.) com


I love your bracelet! Are you giving that away? Hint, hint. My fav of the earrings are the red check and white polka dot set. So cute! I have signed up to follow your blog via RSS so I can get your tutorial and make my own. Thanks!


Your jewelry is very clever and very cute! Never thought of that. We've seen so much creativity and yours is up at the top, I must say. Thanks for persevering through all your blog woes. Your post today is awesome!


I love the red and teal earrings. Such a great idea for making the hexies into jewelry. I'm thinking about making keychains with some hexies. Too many projects, not enough time. I'm from Rapid City SD.


Such a cute use of hexies...... I love repurposed quilt shapes! Love them all... especially the red and yellow ones. Thanks so much!

Jane S.

So cute! I really like that each pair is different. I love the red/teal, and the red/yellow sets.


well lookie at you, all glamour and less quilty...great job!!

Just Quilt It

These are great and so different from what everyone else is making. I love all 5 pairs and would be happy with any of them!


Your jewelry is so cute!!! Love it. I like thw polka dot and gingham pair, thank you.
smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

Quilter Kathy

So so fun! Love all of them...the orange ones are my favorites!

Kathy L

Love the red Polka dots an red buttons. I'm from southwest Missouri. Thanks for the chance to win.


That's pretty fun and cute. I'm from Czech Republic and I like the orange pair the most.

Needled Mom

What a great idea for the hexies. I think the orange ones are my favorite. I am from sunny CA.


Thanks for a great idea! You are very, very creative. I am so sorry to hear of your problems with your blog. I know that just has to be the height of frustration. Good luck with that. I love the pair of polka dot earrings. I adore polka dots. You are very generous with your giveaway. Thanks for sharing your creativity and participating. I can hardly wait for your tutorial. I have never made jewelry. I hope it's something that even I can accomplish. Of course, I hope I just win a pair of earrings - LOL. Thanks again for participating and sharing your amazing creativity.


aww these are ADORABLE. first I liked #1, then #2 then #3... you PICK if I win :)

Brandy Pettit

Karen, this is awesome! I love funky earrings, and especially when they are homemade, and I really enjoy your third pair down, they'd match most of my outfits, since I tend towards blues. I live in Walla Walla, WA!
brandizzle7133 at yahoo dot com


Very cute earrings. well done.


Well, I must have the orange pair go with ...the you know what shirt.... :)


What a lovely creative idea! The jewelry is adorable. The pair with the 2 toned blue hexie is my favorite.


What a neat idea and they are so cute. I especially love the orange ones. Thanks for sharing your hexies with us.


Very creative! Love the earrings! Also thank you for posting a tutorial!

Quilting mom

These are adorable! I live quilty jewelry. My favorite? Either pair with the red with white dots. Send them to Me in Tennessee?


Great jewelry. I love the orange pair. I am from Idaho!!


Great jewelry. I love the orange pair. I am from Idaho!!

S Walker

Oh you darling girl; thank you for taking the time to make and share your tutorials. I don't expect to win any earrings, so will have to rely on making my own. They are gorgeous. Going further down the page, the apron is lovely. I want one just like it.

Emily C

Those are cute. I love that they are hexies and useful. (however, they are not something I would wear much. So, please do not put me in the drawing)


What a cute idea! I love them all, but no. 3 is my fave. Thanks for the chance to win!


Great idea and so cute! Glad you are back at blogging.


Dang, what a good idea! Those earings are sew cute!


How cute is that??!!!! I love what you have done with the hexies. My favorite ones are the red & aqua ones. I live in Sacramento, CA.

Cathy's Chatter

Oh my! They are gorgeous! You definitely have the hexi talent! Thanks for sharing!

Tami C

Very cute. I like the red and white dots. I live in Aurora, Colorado. Thanks for sharing


Great idea - thanks for sharing (not entering the giveaway).

Bonnie Pfrimmer

Love it!! You are so creative.. I am from Arizona and I like the orange set (or coral?) They are all very pretty. What a nice idea.


I love the bracelet and earrings. How cool are they.

Sunshine Girl

Oh these are so lovely - such a cute idea.

Josie McRazie

You had me at red polka dots!! I LOVE the red and yellow pair! Thanks for sharing!


How clever!! The jewelry is so cute...I love them all but the peach colored ones really took my eye...thanks for sharing..


OMG - picking one pair is impossible...maybe one of the pairs with a blue hexie?! I'm from Castile, NY.


Too cute!! Thanks for posting a tutorial for making them!! They are irresistible!

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